Anyone ever shipped an NEC APC?

From: Rich Bramante <>
Date: Mon Aug 16 20:55:35 2004

--- Vintage Computer Festival <> wrote:

> On Mon, 16 Aug 2004, Rich Bramante wrote:
> > I've got a monochrome NEC APC (dual 8" floppies) that
> > I was going to eBay, but it hovers right at that magic
> > 70lb rate which seems to hit all kinds of shipping
> > issues with USPS (won't deliver it), UPS (big $$$
> > surcharge), & FedEx (only deliver to a business
> > address, $$$). Seems by the time you factor in ship
> > costs it wouldn't be worth it unless someone was
> > really desperate.
> >
> > Anyone ever sold-shipped one of these before, and are
> > my concerns founded?
> I just had a package shipped to me which, according to Fedex, weighed 75
> pounds. I had the sender use one of my pre-paid shipping labels. No
> problems. Perhaps the pre-paid label helped. It only cost $39 according
> to the breakdown. This was from Texas to California.

Yes, 75lbs is about what I am guessing once the box and packing materials is
added in. I assume you had it shipped to your business address, so Fedex
wouldn't beef about the weight.

> > On a tangent, anyone in the Boston area interested in
> > one of these that can pickup? If so drop me an email
> > for machine details and maybe we can work something
> > out.
> What model is it?

It is an APC I (APC-H01 Basic Monochrome APC) the big honkin' unibody with the
dual 8" floppies. I also have a very clean APC III which I am loathe to part
with, but could make it available for a really good offer ;-) I am trying to
sell alot of what I currently have and just concentrate on a small subset of
systems. The old time/space argument.


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