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From: Jerome H. Fine <jhfinexgs2_at_compsys.to>
Date: Mon Aug 16 21:39:03 2004

>Jules Richardson wrote:

> > On Mon, 2004-08-16 at 22:27, O. Sharp wrote:
> > Hard to say without seeing the web-site in question, but at the least
> > (from your description) it sound like they haven't got their various
> > "what-browsers-are-acceptable" pages in sync. I'd be annoyed if I were
> > you. :)
> I'd be annoyed if I were me, too. Wait - I *am* me! :-)

Jerome Fine replies:

Thank you very much everyone for the help!

I answered the reply from Jules since it did not get into too much detail.

First, a tiny bit more information. The 2 applications that I am accessing
are bank records for my son who I am helping with things that he needs done
which he does not have time for. One of the banks STILL allows me to
use Netscape 4.78 and do EVERYTHING I want to do. It is the other
bank which changed things. These are the ONLY 2 web sites that I look
at which require cookies - if any others require cookies, I just don't bother
with them.

The aspect about the "out-of-sync" information is that the bank still (after
more than 2 weeks) displays the same error page when cookies are off
telling users that cookies MUST be turned ON to use the web site and
how to do so for 4 browsers INCLUDING "Netscape 4.x". My
"annoyance" is more that since I "frequently" forgot to turn cookies ON
(which I accepted was necessary and corrected the cookie setting so that
I could access the bank records), that error page was seen all the time with
the message that Netscape 4.x was acceptable. So at the VERY least, the
bank could have included a warning message to users on that error page
that Netscape 4.x would soon be UNACCEPTABLE and Netscape 7.0
would be required. By ignoring the error message page insofar as placing
a warning that Netscape 7.0 would soon be REQUIRED, myself and
other users (the bank admits that other Netscape 4.x users were also
caught unawares) were left out in the cold. Such is typical these days,
as far as I understand, but that does not make it reasonable as far as
I am concerned! BUT, what is even more "annoying" is that the bank
actually quite freely admits that they CHOSE to not even consider if they
could accommodate the users not using Netscape 7.0!

> By the way Jerome, are you sure that you haven't just got some junk left
> in your browser's cache (cookies or content) that are causing problems?
> The fact that you said you can authenticate against the site and bring
> the initial page up but then not see any content beyond that could also
> be down to a cache problem. Try shift-reload on an offending page and
> see what it does if you haven't already; from memory with that version
> of Netscape it should force a reload of the page from the server.

The bank definitely states that Netscape 7.0 is REQUIRED and even
though I can successfully provide my userid / password to obtain the
account balances, I can't get any further when I go to other pages to
obtain recent transactions.

As stated by others, Netscape is not used very much. BUT, I just
can't see that it would have cost the bank very much at all to at least
keep Netscape 4.78 users happy for a while by retaining the old code
along with the restrictions and provide the users who did upgrade
with the new features. After all, things were working with all
Netscape versions up until the end of August! If I can still access
my account balances, I can't see that the account details are no
longer available, just that under Netscape 4.78 they are not being
displayed when I get to the page with the new code that is used to
display those details with Netscape 7.0 and higher! So it very
likely would only have meant that the old code would have been
retained along with a check to see which version of Netscape
was being used. After all, if there is code to handle both IE 5.x,
IE 6.x, Netscape 4.x and Netscape 6.x to start with, it would take
very little more to just add Netscape 7.x, at least that seems to be
the answer to my original question.

Anyone who understands how things like bank records are accessed
and has read this far, PLEASE confirm that it would likely have been
possible to just include Netscape 7.x using the new features, but still
retain Netscape 4.78 with the old features - PLEASE!!!!!

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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