IBM 5100

From: Don Hills <>
Date: Tue Aug 17 00:37:44 2004

"Nico de Jong" <> wrote:
>My first encounter with 8" floppies was with a S/370, IIRC.
>There was a vertical floppy drive near the top of the system.
>What was that used for ? Microcode, diagnostics, .... ?

If the system was a bench-height, long box with the drive at one end, it was
most likely a 4341 or 4361. If so, the answer to your question is "All of
the above and more."

It normally did the IMPL (Initial Micro-Program Load) and was also used to
load diagnostics when required. It could also be used to load data from
data-entry system diskettes (e.g 3741/3742). There was also a feature/RPQ
that added a second drive "piggy backed" on the first one that was dedicated
to data entry.

If you needed to do bulk reading of diskettes, there was a channel-attached
box (that I forget the number of) that had a hopper on the top to take
stacks of diskettes.

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