Help! TU81 Plus tape drive problems.

From: Patrick Finnegan <>
Date: Tue Aug 17 10:14:46 2004

(I sent this from the wrong email address last night...oops!)

So, I was hoping to find some sort of manual (any kind) for my TU-81+
via google, but have failed.

So, my TU-81+ doesn't want to power up. I've found the "hidden" power
switch under the cover that I've flipped back and forth a couple of
times, I've made sure the 110/220V jumper was set properly (110V), and
tried different power cords, all to no avail. (I've bypassed the power
controller in the rack and directly hooked the drive to an outlet.)

The power supply "sounds" like it's getting some power when I plug it
in, as I hear a small arc, presumably charging up some capacitors.
However, the fan doesn't start up, and none of the front panel lights.

Does anyone have any suggestions of where to go next? (Tony? :) I
could just start pulling it apart and going through it, but I prefer to
have some direction before I do that.

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