Help with question about web page access

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Tue Aug 17 10:20:12 2004

Am 17 Aug 2004 10:38 meinte Jerome H. Fine:

> >Gordon JC Pearce wrote:
> > Windows 98 is now six years old, and is really just a facelifted version
> > of Windows 95 - very nearly 10 years old. Win 98 is no longer supported
> > by Microsoft, so good luck patching for any vulnerabilities. You could
> > try using Windows 2000 - pretty much anything better than a PII-350 will
> > run it, if you've got enough memory (anything less than 256M is a waste of
> > time). As far as the browser is concerned, I thoroughly recommend
> > switching to Mozilla Firefox. Netscape 4.78 is possibly the most broken
> > web browser known to exist.
> Jerome Fine replies:

> Second, the ONLY reason I stay with Windows 98 SE is because
> Ersatz-11 runs correctly for me ONLY under Windows 98 SE.

Now that's an interesting reasoning .. even more, it makes
the Win98 a perfect on topic item *G* like that.

> As for Netscape, I have saved all my e-mails and news groups
> posts. Shifting to IE would be almost a disaster.

Serious, considere Mozilla. As for myself, I have been a
die hard Netscape 4.78 user until about half a year ago.
at that point I had to access some web sites which where
just pure crap (design wise) but needed for my work. So
I gave Mozilla a try (I didn't want to switch for IE).
And beside some minor details (The German translation is
made by some Austrian jokesters who put DE-AT - whatever
that is - as default language) I'm quite pleased by now.
Especialy the tabbed browsing got me. But most important
it is close enough to Netscape that the transition was

> > Without wishing to seem disrespectful or unpleasant, you are basically
> > complaining that your 1957 Morris Minor can't keep up with modern motorway
> > traffic.

> Actually, I would be quite happy to use a Morris Minor
> if the spare parts were available. I don't drive on highway
> often enough to matter!

Nobody is required to always drive high speed. Not even
on the autobahn. And a Morris Minor or a VW Beetle or
a 2CV is still a great car for every day.

> > > Because I ALWAYS run Netscape with cookies turned OFF,
> > > except when I am required to have cookies enabled to access the
> > > 2 web pages that I normally use, I often encountered the error
> > > page which listed Netscape 4.x as one of the required browsers.
> > Why? I've never understood this obsession with cookies. I mean, *why*?
> > So an advert banner site knows that the same computer visited it twice.
> > Big wow. Do you stop answering the doorbell in case it's a door-to-door
> > salesman? Well, you might, but it would break more things than it would
> > fix.

> From my point of view, except for the 2 bank sites I use
> because I am helping my son, I refuse to use any other
> sites where cookies are required. And more to the point,
> I set Netscape to notify me when the doorbell is being
> run even then. I just feel it is a good idea to know if the
> doorbell is being rung and then to answer it myself rather
> than allowing open door access, even to a web site that
> is likely more reputable than most. For all other sites,
> I just NEVER even listen when they ring the doorbell.

Now, here Mozilla is even better, it adds a finger print
sensor to your doorbell by giving you ways to manage them
and decide which site may set cookies on a site, and even
page specific setting.

> Actually, can you explain what advantage cookies provide?
> Is there something about cookies which they do which can't
> be done without cookies?????????????

It realy simplifies some site designs. Also keep in mind, it
needed Netscape to invent them :) Back when they started
to explore the ways of 'Webshops'.

I think by now, a switch from NS to Mozilla should be possible.
with your 750 PII and 98SE, you're perfectly within the specs.


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