Help with question about web page access

From: Mark Wickens <>
Date: Tue Aug 17 10:26:40 2004

It's worth pointing out that Jerome is talking about 132 character access in
text-mode, not within the GUI.

I used to have a Tseng Labs card that supported all sorts of great text mode

Just for your information Jerome, if you were to go down the Linux route text
mode console is fully supported in 132 character mode with a variety of line
options. You could also plug in a VT terminal such as a VT520 and have a
'real' terminal to program from.


Mark. (who has shunned using a laptop in the louge at home for a VT520 - it
focusses the mind on what is really important and stops endless 'browsing'.
I'm not addicted to the internet, honest!)

Mark Wickens
Rhodium Consulting Ltd
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