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From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Tue Aug 17 10:50:18 2004

>>>>> "Jochen" == Jochen Kunz <> writes:

 Jochen> On Tue, 17 Aug 2004 10:38:25 -0400 "Jerome H. Fine"
 Jochen> <> wrote:

>> Second, the ONLY reason I stay with Windows 98 SE is because
>> Ersatz-11 runs correctly for me ONLY under Windows 98 SE.
 Jochen> [...] Sounds odd. Well. This is M$. ;-)

So run it under Linux, that's a far better choice.

>> As for Netscape, I have saved all my e-mails and news groups
>> posts. Shifting to IE would be almost a disaster.
 Jochen> You should be able to export the mails to a Unix style mbox
 Jochen> file and import it with an other Mail User Agent. IIRC
 Jochen> Netscape uses mbox as its "internal" file format to store all
 Jochen> mails.

I use vm under XEmacs, both on Windows and Linux. Works nicely.

 Jochen> \begin{daemons advocate} Is there a *ix version of Ersatz-11
 Jochen> available? ;-) \end{daemons advocate} --

Yes, it's been around for years, and it works very well indeed.

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