Help with IBM 5100 - ROS error

From: Dave Dunfield <>
Date: Wed Aug 18 08:26:53 2004

>> According to the maintenance manual, line 1 cols 1 and 2 should
>contain the ID of the module it is looking for (18) and > 5 and 7
>contain an error code (07).
>> I have not been able to determine what '07' means ... Perhaps its in
>the manual, but I have not found it yet. (Please > > bear with me, I
>haven't seen a real live 5100 in aver 20 years, and I have never worked
>on one before).
>My 5100 maintenance manual is buried, but my 5110 manual says that error
>"07" is a CRC error in the ROS. I have notes diagnosing a similar
>problem indicating that one possible solution is to remove any tape in
>the tape drive before powering on. Seems unlikely that this would work,
>but you never know.

Hi Wayne,

Where exactly in the maintenance manual are the codes listed - I did not
find them when I looked.

Although the machine was stored with a tape in the drive (keep mice out),
I had already removed it before my tests.--
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