FTGH - Wyse Adapter

From: Rob O'Donnell <classiccmp.org_at_irrelevant.fsnet.co.uk>
Date: Wed Aug 18 10:16:28 2004

I've come across this adapter in my junk box...

http://www.irrelevant.com/rob/adapter.jpg (37Kb)

It's a 5 pin DIN socket, to an RJ11 + lead with a single large pin with a
slot in it.

I /think/ it was for a Wyse AT computer to allow the use of a standard PC
AT Keyboard, but don't quote me on that.

There is a part number on the moulding of the DIN - 940398-02 REV. A - but
googling shows nothing.

If anybody wants it, it's theirs for free; just cover the postage.

Talking of Wyse ... I have two Wyse 120 terminals, a Wyse 30+, and another
serial terminal I can't remember the brand of - (not a major one, and has
reseller's name on the front) - all free to anybody who wants to come
collect from Salford, UK.

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