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From: David V. Corbin <dvcorbin_at_optonline.net>
Date: Wed Aug 18 11:41:08 2004

I believe that Steves Last Comment (that being the last comment that I
received before any comments that he may have sent that I don't believe you
to have read at the time you sent the message that I am responding to and
you will soon (hopefully) be reading).

It would be a personal insult to Steve to NOT believe that he was sincere an
honest in that comment. Although the one prior to it (in the same message),
which has previously generated feedback from me (oh should I include that
too) may be taken in a number of ways, as I have previously done.

Additionally the interveneing comments by other members have an impact also
(although I am not sure what it is), but if you mook solely at the messages
that were sent in the interval between Patricks first post on this subject
and Hans first response you will see that Dave Dunfield has been tring to
focus on his own issue (which Wayne has of course been helping on).

I do suspect that Wayne may hve just been lurking since himing in in on the
other issue, which I wonder if the original poster ever got an answer that
he can use for hist original purpose..It would be interesting if the 94
responses (subjed to the one by Wayne mentioned above) did not provide such
an answer.

Or is it really not suprising since that is difficult to determine using
this technology....


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>>> Hi Steve
>>> You make several good points but I find your last
>>> statement without foundation.
>>> I tend to agree.
>>> Dwight
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