Gaps in the collection (was Re: rarest computers. )

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Wed Aug 18 17:11:24 2004

> I wish I'd kept the Ferranti ones I had -- lovely PCBs with alloy
> surrounds, carefully wirewrapped. They were TSR2 avionics.

Somewhere I have a Ferranti computer module (it's not a PCB). It's an
SRBP panel with solder tags riveted to it. At the 'handle end' (the
'handle' is a cutout in the SRBP), there's an aluminum bracket with 3 B9A
(9 pin miniature) valvholders on it, which seem to contain double
triodes. There are some R's and C's soldered between the tags.

It's some simple logic function (maybe a couple of gates, maybe a
flip-flop, I am not sure). I was told it was from an Argus, but again I
am not sure.

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