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From: Gordon JC Pearce <>
Date: Thu Aug 19 07:17:28 2004

Fred Cisin said:

>> > BTW, have you ever replaced the brake master cylinder on one?
>> Yes. Very recently, in fact. The scratches in my forearm are still
> Wasn't the finest example of service accessibility!
> It's been 30 years since I did one.

The guy who designed that particular system went on to work for Citroen.
In particular, he designed the fuel system for the Citroen XM 2 litre
fuel-injected models, with the filter mounted on top of the rear subframe,
completely inaccessible without either removing the exhaust, or the whole
rear subframe. If you take off the spare wheel carrier, and jack the rear
of the car at least 3' off the ground *and* you've got long arms, you can
reach over the top of the back silencer box and remove it. The filter
*cannot* be depressurised, so it will spray petrol right into the
scratches in your arms when you remove the pipes.

He also designed the placement of the suspension centre spheres, the ones
that switch in and out under control of the ECU. They need replaced every
two years. If this is not done, the steel sphere welds itself to the
aluminium valve block. Removal involves taking the exhaust off for the
rear one (again! do the fuel filter while you're in there) and partially
removing the engine (undo the mountings, jack the car up 2' in the air,
then lift the engine up and forwards a little) to get the front one off...


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