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From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Thu Aug 19 17:56:16 2004

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          Cameron Kaiser <> wrote:

> I just got the image off. Intriguing window manager you have. ^^

Just what I was thinking. Here's a screenshot from my RISC PC:


... 1152x864 in 16 million colours at 75Hz on a RISC PC600. Specs are:
  Acorn RiscPC600 Mk.III mainboard
  202MHz StrongARM SA-110
  64MB RAM
  6GB Seagate hard drive
  Lite-ON 52x CD-ROM drive
  Original Acorn (actually made by Citizen) 1.6MB 3.5" floppy drive
  Windfall Engineering Viewfinder graphics card
  i-Cubed/Design IT EtherLAN600 10BaseT Ethernet card
  APDL ARCINv6c high speed IDE/ATA interface
  Morley Electronics 16-bit Uncached SCSI interface (with no devices for it
  HCCS Vision24 video framegrabber with colour decoding
  Second case slice upgrade
  100W power supply upgrade
  4-slot backplane

Manufactured in 1996, though IIRC the first RiscPC rolled off the production
line in 1994, so it's sort-of on topic. Me, I just think it's a nice machine

Note the machine's LAN name (and hard drive volume label) - Kitsune - it's
Japanese; it translates to "fox", hence the Pinboard backdrop image (for
those of you who don't know the RISC OS terminology - think "background

Phil.                              | Acorn Risc PC600 Mk3, SA202, 64MB, 6GB,              | ViewFinder, 10BaseT Ethernet, 2-slice,  | 48xCD, ARCINv6c IDE, SCSI
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