Semiconductor Books

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Date: Thu Aug 19 23:02:27 2004

I'm cleaning out my basement, and I have a few semiconductor
books I would like to dispose of:

Analog Devices, Data Converter Reference Manual, Vol I & II, 1992
Motorola Silicon Rectifier Manual, 1980
Hitachi ECL logic and Memory Data Book, Year Unknown
Precision Monolithics Linear and Conversion Products, 1984
Intersil Semiconductor databook, mid-1980's (has a section for the
Analog Devices, Special Linear Reference Manual, 1992
Harris, Analog and Telecomm Product Data book, 1984
Motorola Power Mosfet Transistor Data, 1984
Motorola Semiconductor, Master Selection Guide and Catalog. 1984

I will favor offers for the entire lot; plus book rate postage.

Thank you for your attention . . . ..


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