What fun from a Macintosh SE

From: Ron Hudson <ron.hudson_at_sbcglobal.net>
Date: Fri Aug 20 09:36:58 2004

On Aug 20, 2004, at 6:53 AM, chris wrote:

>> I just landed hands on a Mac SE. It is currently running system 6, I
>> only have a bout 2mb of memory
>> and a 20mb hard drive. I even have an imagewriter to go with it!! :^)
> If you want to raise that to 4 MB (the max it can handle), give me a
> mailing address (off list), I'll send you 2 more 1 MB SIMMs for it.
Thanks, but I don't have the required long torx screwdriver and case
tool, and I am a little scared to crack open the case, mean evil nasty
high voltages live
in there. Besides I might bust something inside and that would be bad.
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