What fun from a Macintosh SE

From: Patrick Finnegan <pat_at_computer-refuge.org>
Date: Fri Aug 20 10:04:28 2004

On Friday 20 August 2004 09:58, Hans Franke wrote:
> Am 20 Aug 2004 7:52 meinte Gene Buckle:
> > > Thanks, but I don't have the required long torx screwdriver and
> > > case cracker
> >
> > That reminds me - where can I find such a tool? I've got a pair of
> > dead Macs I'd like to open up and try to repair.

You can get a long torx driver from somewhere like Sears - that's where
I got mine. 8" or so IIRC is the longest they have and works properly.
Or, a torx bit and some extenders for a bit-using screwdriver should
work. Menards and Home Depot carry a ratcheting driver with a T15 (and
other torx) bit (branded differently) for a reasonable price (a few $$)
with a "lifetime guarantee."

> Personaly I suggests the swiss army knife with the extended toolste.
> beats every leatherman, has exchangeable bits and fits still in (my)
> pocket :)
> http://www.victorinox.de/newsite/de/produkte/produktdetails//1-7725-T

I really like that feature of the knife (the screwdriver bits, etc), but
wouldn't be able to live without the pair of pliers on my Gerber
"leatherman" widget. I use them way too much to break cable ties and
cut/strip wires to give them up. : )

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