that OT: Tredennick, u-370, 68000, 5100... thread

From: John Allain <>
Date: Fri Aug 20 11:40:32 2004

> except for some realy ninor quirks, I can go almost everywhere
> on the world and perfectly recognize the speed linkit, no stop znoes

American unilinguality probably has more a place in the past than in
the future. I would attribute it more to just nature and geography than
any militant intent. One border is the Pacific ocean and another is the
Atlantic, perhaps the #1 and #2 largest oceans on earth, a luckier
situation probably couldn't be planned.

A standard question one got when working at IBM was, "Oh, I see from
your name that you're French. Have you ever been to France?" probably
a pretty enlightened place, relatively speaking.

John A.
Hans, I think you're getting over your typo limit.
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