What fun from a Macintosh SE

From: Frank McConnell <fmc_at_reanimators.org>
Date: Fri Aug 20 13:50:27 2004

Ron Hudson <ron.hudson_at_sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Just because I don't want to take a chance of RUINING the ONE Mac SE
> I have. EASY for you to say. You've got random machines stacked to
> the roof. I've seen them.

> There are dangerous voltages on the analog board of that machine.
> Perhaps even FATAL voltages.

You'd be doing this with the power cord removed. Mind the CRT of
course, it could be holding a charge.

> On top of that you know nothing of my electronics repair skills, I know
> what my limits may be. I would not want to break one of the SIM holders.

You'd be breaking other things on the way to the SIMM holders.

Realistically, you should be more worried about marring the case. I
might sit the SE on its face and try to "crack" the case on the bottom
where the faceplate meets the rear cover.

Starting from that position, you might even be able to lift or wiggle
the rear cover off once you've removed the screws. The rear cover is
a cover, the frame is attached to the faceplate, and everything else
is attached to the frame which makes the frame-and-faceplate the
heavier bit.

Once upon a time I saw a tool that was a sort of L-shaped rod with a
Torx bit at the end of the long portion, and a sort of disk, maybe 2
inches in diameter, mounted at the end of the short portion with a bit
of printed-circuit-board material sticking out along a line drawn
through the center of its face. You would use the Torx to remove the
case screws, then insert the printed-circuit-board material into the
seam between faceplate and rear cover so the face of the disk was up
against the seam, and twist to crack the case at the seam.

-Frank McConnell
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