What fun from a Macintosh SE

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Fri Aug 20 14:53:36 2004

>Perhaps the danger is not as bas as I make it out to be, but, and I
>know you probably
>did not know this, I am jobless right now.. If I do break anything I
>can't afford to
>replace it. That and the fact that the machine seems to run really
>well on OS 6
>and I have found many fun things on the net that also run on OS6.

I fully understand your reluctance. I can say that if you decide to try
it, and you break something, it should be fairly trivial to track down
another SE for free (I for one have a half dozen I don't need, and I'm
sure Sellam has a half dozen pallets of them!)

But I still understand.

>I'll try installing the OS7 I'll be getting soon - but perhaps it won't
>work, so
>back to OS 6. no problem.

OS 7 will probably not even boot with only 2 MB of ram. I think the
MINIMUM you will get it to boot with is 2.5 (which you may actually have,
it was very common to go to 2.5 instead of 2, because you just left two
of the 256k simms in place when adding two 1 MB ones). However, even at
2.5 MB, System 7 will be almost unusable. 4 MB really is the minimum you
can get away with.

But honestly, if you can find fun things to do with System 6 (and there
are tons), then stick with it. It will run MUCH faster, and be MUCH more
stable on an SE then System 7 will be no matter how much RAM you can cram
in there.

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