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Date: Fri Aug 20 17:59:08 2004

On Fri, 20 Aug 2004, Hans Franke wrote:

> Nonetheless, the point stays, that, if a second level domain
> has only one host, there is no need to create computer names
> within. Nor any standard asking that, if you run a specific
> service, you have to add names.

Sure there is. What if you want to logically segregate different
features that your one host offers, for the convenience of your visitors?
I have an example in mind that may well be unleashed

> > p.s. Zum Gl?ck kennst du ja meine spezielle Art der Freundlichkeit. ;-)
> Klar, warum glaubst Du kommen wir miteinander zurecht?

Hey, what's all this foreign speak!? Are you guys plotting something
unsavory? Damn Mexicans.

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