that OT: Tredennick, u-370, 68000, 5100... thread

From: vrs <>
Date: Fri Aug 20 18:51:15 2004

> > I used to doubt the existence of North and South Dakota, but now I have
> > to South Dakota, so I have to concede that North Dakota may exist as
> It might be a ploy to make you THINK there's a North Dakota. I mean, look
> at Virginia. You'd think there'd be an East Virginia because there's a
> West Virginia, but no, they defied protocol and confused the hell out of
> everyone when Virginia split and the westerners went with West Virginia.
> However, the original Virginians were going to have none of that and
> snubbed the West Virginians (some say it was a backstabbing double-cross!)
> when they stayed with just Virginia!

That could be. Still if the world is rich enough to have South Dakota in
it, it might just have North Dakota, too. Probably with fewer bikers, and
more Minnesotans, though :-).

> I suppose you're also going to tell me there's a South Carolina! HA!

Nope, I can't vouch for the existence of either of the Carolinas...

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