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From: Sean 'Captain Napalm' Conner <spc_at_conman.org>
Date: Sat Aug 21 03:38:14 2004

It was thus said that the Great der Mouse once stated:
> [about http://exmaple.com/ vs http://www.example.com/]
> [Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>]
> > First, as referenced by "http://www.mydomain.tld", "www.mydomain.tld"
> > is NOT a subdomain, it's the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) of an
> > individual host.
> What's the difference?
> That's a serious question. What is your definition of a subdomain, as
> distinct from an "FQDN of an individual host"?

  Well, in my case, slab.conman.org and nolab.conman.org refer to actual
networks (slab.conman.org being my home network, and nolab.conman.org being
the home network of a friend) so technically they would be subdomains (for
instance, I have area51.slab.conman.org as a host (firewall/NAT system), and
my friend has kwalitee.nolab.conman.org as a host (his firewall/NAT

  The two subdomains also have their own zone files (in the case of
slab.conman.org, the master is on swift.conman.org, which is the primary DNS
server for my domain as a whole, while nolab.conman.org is on my friend's
computer which swift.conman.org slaves from). While I didn't *have* to do
this, for a larger organization it does make sense to break up subdomains
into their own zones.

  A FQDN is simply the host name with its domain (and subdomains, if any).
So, "kwalitee" [1] is just a hostname, while it's fully qualified domain
name is "kwalitee.nolab.conman.org" (or "kwalitee.nolab.conman.org."); I'm
not sure what you would call "kwalitee.nolab" as it's not a hostname, and
it's not a FQDN. Perhaps a Partially Qualified Domain Name (PQDN)?

> > Second, resolving a domain name as a host breaks RFC definitions and
> > recommendations.
> Which ones?

  Yes, I too would like to know.

  -spc (I personally prefer "www.example.com" but have also set up
        the bare domain name to point to an IP address for serving
        up the website)

[1] I'd use my own network as an example, but on a lark (several years
        ago) I set up my own private TLD for use here on the home network
        (".area51") and experiemented around with zone delagations (I had
        three second level domains defined, all delegated---one was my half
        of the network, the second was my roommate's half of the network,
        and the third was the wireless network). I figured that would
        confuse the issue even more.
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