that OT: Tredennick, u-370, 68000, 5100... thread

From: Ed Kelleher <>
Date: Sat Aug 21 06:27:40 2004

At 11:07 PM 8/20/2004, you wrote:
>On Fri, 20 Aug 2004, vrs wrote:
> > > I suppose you're also going to tell me there's a South Carolina! HA!
> > Nope, I can't vouch for the existence of either of the Carolinas...
>They exist.
>I'm not sure WHY South Carolina exists, but it does.

So you have such great shag classics as "Carolina Girls" of course!

[Note for those not from around here: "shag" is state dance of South
Carolina, not to be confused with the Austin Powers thing. One
"International Man of ..." on this list is quite enough thank you.<g>]

West Columbia (not to be confused with Columbia)
South Carolina
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