Goodies available, #1

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Sun Aug 22 15:07:57 2004

Hi, gang,

        Cleaning up today, thanks to lousy weather, and I've come across a couple of items I don't need. First is a DEC VT220 Programmer Pocket Guide. This one'll be a freebie to whoever wants it IF you're in the United States (I can send it for less than a dollar via postal). If you're outside the US, I'd ask for the cost of postage to be covered.

        Next up is a terminal emulation package made by Microplot. More specifically, it's called PC-PLOT-IV PLUS, and it is designed to, on a DOS PC, emulate the Tektronix 4010, 4014, and 4105 graphics terminals. It will also emulate a VT100. The 5.25" floppy disk says it's version 4.20J.

        For that one, I'll let you tell me what it's worth by E-mailing an offer if you're interested.

        Thanks much, there may be more to come as I uncover other hidey-holes.

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