ASR-33's and Brain Dead "Repair" man...

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Mon Aug 23 12:38:27 2004

>From: "David V. Corbin" <>
>>>> If pressing a key doesn't cause the distributor to spin,
>>>> then there's a mechanical problem. You want to investigate
>>>> the linkage that starts at the ekyboard (the metal strip
>>>> that the H-plate slots into should turn counterclockwise
>>>> seen from the left side when you press a key, and is
>>>> returned to the clcokwise position by the H-plate). Then
>>>> trace the linkage via the H-plate to the clutch at the
>>>> back. This should engage when the key is pressed.
>I always get turned around with spacial relationships in the written
>Comparing the linkage position to the one on my working unit. It is indeed
>in the "deactivated" position and does NOT move when a key is pressed [as a
>clarication, the "far" ent of the linkage extends through a slot on the
>front of the keyboard assembly. On the working unit, qhen no key is pressed,
>the end is down, it travels up when the key is pressed and returns down
>when the typing unit finishes its cycle. On the new unit this end is always
>in the down position].
>Attempting to move the linkage (but not overly forcing it] is futile.
>Visual inspection of the path [at least what I can see without moving the
>typing unit out of the chassis bay], does not reveal anything. Are there any
>typical binding points? Should I be thinking about a seized clutch?

Hi David
 This could have been the cause of the fuse blowing. A jammed
keyboard reset linkage might have frozen up the clutch causing
the motor to stall. You should remove the print assembly and
find the cause of the linkage to jam. The clutch may already
be toast. If it is not in the locked up state when you turn
the motor on, it would have to be slipping ( not good ).
Find the linkage problem. You may have to remove the print
assembly because the linkage goes under this part.
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