Interesting 486 motherboard that accepts an I860

From: John Foust <>
Date: Mon Aug 23 15:46:45 2004

At 09:19 PM 8/21/2004, Tom Hudson wrote:
>You know, I was at Intel's press conference where they rolled out the I860, and I couldn't wait to rewrite come of my graphics code for it. I remember thinking how it was going to revolutionize the computer graphics industry. Then it kind of dropped off the map. Shows what I know.

Oh, you *are* *that* Tom Hudson! I'd read your posts here
for the last few months wondering if. Remember me? I wrote
a 3D translator for Win/Amiga/SGI, supported .3D and .3D2,
wrote the first .3DS converter, wrote among the first 3DS plug-ins,
etc. And I probably still have a few Design Disks in
shrink-wrap in the basement if you want them.
When did you move to Port Washington?

- John
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