cool terminal manuals

From: Jay West <>
Date: Mon Aug 23 20:41:39 2004

Don't think I posted this stuff to the list before, if I have, my apologies.
But when you have CRS syndrome.... For some of the ones listed below, I have
like 30 copies (all originals) of the manuals. For others I only have one
original copy. Some of these are off-the-beaten-path manuals and quite cool.

Micro-Term Mime I & II
Micro-Term 420
Micro-Term 5A
Micro-Term Ergo 2000
Micro-Term ACT IV
Micro-Term Mime 340
Micro-Term 2A (which does Soroc IQ120 emulation - cool, and I have the
terminal :)
Mini Bee IV

Some of the manuals above are operating guides, some are programming guides,
some are service/technical manuals.

I actually have a Micro-Term ACT 5, very cute terminal.... and a 2A. I would
VERY much like to find a Mime I, and maybe a Mime II.

Anyways - thought I'd list the manuals in case someone is desperately
looking for any of them.


Jay West
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