TRS 80 Model III mini drive problemTRS 80 Model III mini drive problem

From: B.Degnan <>
Date: Tue Aug 24 07:13:53 2004

This problem has been fixed, thanks for suggestion from Tony of the UK.

>Do you mean you get thje CASS? prompt when you turn the machine on
>without holding BREAK down?
>If so, then the machine is not detecting the disk controller (that's why
>it's not trying to read the disk). I'd check the tapewire that links the
>CPU board to the disk controller board (I've had a lot of problems with
>this cable!), then check the signals round the WD1793 chip.

> Looking for diagnosis or URL with troubleshooting guide:
> TRS 80 Model III with two mini drives.
> Powers up, drives spin and do not stop.
> Does not attempt read, no red drive light.
> Cass? and Memory Size? Ok
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