RSX11M Boot disk

From: Ed Kelleher <>
Date: Tue Aug 24 09:11:18 2004

Need some help making a disk bootable under RSX11M V4.6 (not Plus).

Need to copy a bootable system volume to another.
Usually I use standalone BRU with no problem.

Problem (I think) is that I have 2 MSCP controllers,
one drive on one controller, other drive on the other controller
and their low level formats aren't compatible so can't swap drives around.

Unfortunately I have no working tape drive at the moment either.
(I do have 5 TK50's with tapes hanging out their mouths though).
Dragged out a Cipher 550 cartridge tape drive, plugged in MSV05 controller
bought some new DC600A tapes after the ones I had in the attic for 10 years
didn't work,
but it didn't work either.

Disk and controller configuration is:

An Emulex QD01 controller CSR=172150 Vec=154 (Standard MSCP address)
with an RD54 as DU1:
This is the system disk and it hardware boots fine into M.

And a RQDX3 CSR=172154 Vec=150 (Secondary)
with an RD32 that shows up as DU4: under M.
I can BAD it, INI it, MOU it etc. -- drive works fine.

Using standalone BRU to copy DU1: to DU4:
it gives error -65 (device offline - it can't see it) for DU4:

Ok, I use CNF to change DU4: to alternate CSR,
it give me error -65 on DU1:

Apparantly CNF changes DU CSR for both drives.

(I did find I could make standalone BRU bootable RX33's though which I did
as they boot much faster than TK50.)

So, standalone BRU not working as I wanted,
I made the RD32 DU4: drive a Files11 volume (BAD, INI etc.)

Created all the UFD's from DU1: (system disk) on DU4: (target).
(Still haven't found anything better than TECO for making command files
from directory listings,
have a PC version of TECO I use today)

I then copied all the files to the target disk:


Worked fine. I can mount DU4: and look at all the files fine.

But, how do I make DU4: bootable as DU0: on an RQDX3 at standard address of

VMR and SAV only seem to work on the current SYSTEM disk, not a target.

For example, tried to VMR DU4:[1,54]RSX11M.SYS --- no joy.

When I try to boot the DU4: on another system, it give me what INI wrote in
the boot block:


Any suggestions on how to make DU4: bootable?

Best I could find Googling was:

But I don't see how that effects a drive other than SY:

Any help would be appreciated.


Ed Kelleher
Received on Tue Aug 24 2004 - 09:11:18 BST

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