Brother Wordprocessor Floppy Disks

From: Tim Baillie <>
Date: Mon Aug 16 18:59:07 2004


I saw in a forum your discusion about reading Brother wordprocessor
floppy disks and am in the same situation, could you forward the tool
spoen about on the forum please?

does the software only convert the file, or does it allow you to read the
disk on a pc?


Don Maslin donm at
Wed Mar 3 16:05:07 CST 2004
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On Wed, 3 Mar 2004, tim lindner wrote:

> Yesterday my boss came to me and handed me a stack of 3 1/2 inch floppy
> disks and asked me to get the data off them.
> Ahh, the perils of being the geekiest person in your orginazation! :)
> Anyway, all he could tell me is that they were from a Brother word
> processor. It didn't have a model number and no serial port.
> One of the disks is a system disk ("Spreadsheet, punctualtion alert and
> data storage disk for Brother Word Processor version <1.0>") and is
> dated 1991.
> I tried the disk in my DOS 6.22 PC, no deal.
> Then I tried cw2dmk (thanks Tim!) and my Catweasel, but I guess the
> format isn't close enough to IBM 370 (FM) or IBM 34 (MFM) formats to be
> useful.
> Does anyone know of a tool I can use to read these disks?

Tim, the attached ZIP contains software that was sent to me a
while back which is supposed to convert Brother Word Processor
stuff to other - perhaps, more common - WP formats. I have not
had occasion to try it, so will be interested in your experience.
It will not make it to the list, of course, thanks to the
attachment 'scraper'.

                 - don

> Barring that: does anybody know what format the disk is using? I'm not
> past modifying cw2dmk to read it, but I would hope not to have to
> reverse engineer the "on disk" format.
> Thanks!
> --
> tim lindner
> tlindner at

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