Need Altos Diagnostic disk

From: Richard Lynch <>
Date: Mon Aug 23 20:09:51 2004

Help! I've been trying to recreate an 8" floppy from the Altos Diagnostic
disk .tdo file recently added to the Commercial CP/M Software Archive site
( so I can try to diagnose a hard drive
problem on my ACS8000-10A, and have so far been unsuccessful. I've been
using a Shugart 800 8" drive connected to a PC/AT floppy controller with a
34-to-50 pin adapter, and have been wearing myself out with Teledisk,
Anadisk and 22Disk for the last few days with no luck. I think I've got the
adapter pinned correctly since I'm able to use certain functions OK, but not
make that disk. When I try to use Teledisk, it tells me the .tdo source was
a 3.5" high-density FM formatted disk (?), and when it tries to write out to
the new disk, it comes up unable to find any of the sectors.

Has anyone out there been able to do this, or know of another source for the
Altos Diagnostic disk that has the hard drive utility?
Richard Lynch
Received on Mon Aug 23 2004 - 20:09:51 BST

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