HP 9133XV disc drive question

From: Andreas Holz <asholz_at_topinform.de>
Date: Tue Aug 24 05:30:13 2004

RHahm wrote:

I've a configuration based on a HP87 and a HP9133??. The disc has 3
partition of 5Mb each. As I'm remembering, the number of partitions can
be changed using dip-switches on the back-panel. This configuration is
working properly.

Based on that, I'm not able to answer your question completely.


>I recently aquired an HP 9133XV combination 3.5" floppy and 15M HD with an
>HPIB interface and Amigo protocol.
>I tried to use the drive with an HP 86B and an HP 85B computer. The floppy
>works fine but the computer will not recognize the hard drive. The HD seems
>to spin up normally.
>I tried an "INITIALIZE" command without success.
>Can the series 80 computers use this large drive? Does anyone know how to
>use the test function on the drive?
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