Cleaning up yellowed/grubby plastic?

From: Jay West <>
Date: Tue Aug 24 13:01:44 2004

It was written..
> I normally just use 409 and paper towels. Takes several applications:
> spray, let it soak for a while, wipe off, repeat.

As I understand it, the yellowing is a reaction to light. It is the plastic
itself turning color, so there is no way to "clean" it off. But as has been
said, the yellowing is much worse in smoking environments, and some of the
smoke can be taken off.

I also have used 409 with fair results. 409 is what I usually use on
cabinets and enclosures. It wont get rid of the yellow as that's now part of
the plastic, but it does help a small amount.

However, a while back my wife came home with these "Magic cleaning blocks".
Basically a harder than usual sponge with some cleaning chemicals ingrained
in it. I looked at her with more than a little disbelief when she suggested
I use it on my "old computer stuff". Then someone on the list posted about
good results with them, and I tried them. They are quite good for cleaning
up old computers. They do a good job of cleaning the textured plastic
without removing it or "sanding" it. I think Sam's has them for a decent
price in bulk. I'd recommend them for sure.

I have yet to try one on a yellowed plastic panel, but soon I will :)


Jay West

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