Resurrecting an early 80s SGI

From: Gerhard Lenerz <>
Date: Tue Aug 24 13:51:18 2004


  I've recently added an IRIS 3130 machine to my collection. It is a
  MultiBus based SGI with a Motorola 68020 CPU, additional Floating
  Point unit and the typical 5 or 6 board graphics subsystem. It's
  complete with original UNIX documentation and owners guide as well
  as the original extras (monitor, keyboard, mouse).

  I'd like to get it up and running again but I can't get any of the
  backups back on a "fresh" ESDI drive (the original died). According
  to the Old IRIS FAQ the drive is supported. As far as I can see it
  is also detected but the process that should restore the
  installation back to harddisk dies quite early in the copy stage.

  Thus the current status is: The machine passes POST without
  problems, it can be talked into booting the installer and
  partitioning tool from tape but it crashes during the copy

  As I said I'd like to get this beast up and running (i.e. have an OS
  Installed). A "nice to have bonus" would be having a working TCP/IP
  stack on it so that it can run in my network (an Ethernet board is

  Any hints / help is *very* much appreciated. I can -of course-
  provide additional information if it is needed.

Best regards,
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