Cleaning Yellow Grubby stuff

From: RHahm <>
Date: Tue Aug 24 14:41:13 2004

Here's what I do:

  1.. For stuff in fairly good shape I use Simple Green and a Black and
Decker "Scum Buster" rotary brush that uses the B&D rechargeabe batteries. I
use the soft brush attachment. I usually remove the case and take it out in
the driveway with a hose. If it is really yellowed I use Purple Power this
will remove some , but not all of the yellowing, but it can stain metal so
be careful. Simple Green is safe and works great for dirt and grime.
  2.. For magic marker and stickers I use Goo be Gone and elbow grease.
  3.. To finish things off I use automobile protectant
Looks alot better after that.
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