Many old laptops needed ($$$)

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Tue Aug 24 15:28:26 2004

I'm working on a research project for a client and am looking for a large
lot of mid-90s laptops.

They do not need to be in functional condition, nor do they even need to
look pretty, but the screen should be intact (i.e. not missing, no
breakage). Otherwise, missing parts (keys, drives, batteries, etc.) is

I'm willing to pay a reasonable fee plus shipping for each. If you have
any of these, please e-mail me directly.

Toshiba T1000LE
Acer AcerNote 750C
Acer AcerNote 760CX
Acer AcerNote 780CX
Ambra N450T
AMS TravelPro 5325
Apple PowerBook 270c
AST Ascentia 900N
AST PowerExec 173W
AST PowerExec 203W
AST PowerExec 4/33SL
AT&T Globalyst 200
AT&T/NCR Safari 3180
Business Audio
Compaq Contura 400C
Compaq LTE Elite 4/40CX
Compaq LTE Elite 4/50CX
Compaq LTE Lite 4/33C
CTX LMT-5020
Dell Latitude XP
Dell Latitude XP 4100CX
Everex StepNote
IBM 701C
IBM ThinkPad 360C
IBM ThinkPad 360CE
IBM ThinkPad 750C
IBM ThinkPad 755CD
IBM ThinkPad 755CE
Midwest Micro Elite 486SX/DX
Midwest Micro SoundBook
MPC 799
MPC 875
MPC 899
MPC CD-Book 800
NCR 3150
NEC UltraLite Versa 33c
NEC Versa M
NEC Versa P
NEC Versa S
NEC Versa V
NEC Versa V/50C
Notemaster S394ST SENSLite 200
Panasonic V21
Panasonic V41
Samsung SENS 700
Sharp LC-10C1U
Sharp PC-8900
Tadpole P1000
TI TravelMate 4000E
TI TravelMate 5000
TI TravelMate TM4000M
Toshiba Portege T3400CT
Toshiba Portege T3600CT
Toshiba Satellite T1950CT
Toshiba T2100CT
Toshiba T2150CDT
Toshiba T2400CT
Toshiba T2450CT
Toshiba T3400CT
Toshiba T4600C
Toshiba T4800CT
Toshiba T4850CT
TwinHead SlimNote 486E
TwinHead SlimNote 5100T
WinBook XP
Zenith Z-Note 433Lnc Plus
Zenith Z-NoteFlex ZNF75CT8/5
Zeos Meridian 400A

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