National Multiplex data cassette tape drive

From: Nico de Jong <>
Date: Tue Aug 24 23:24:23 2004

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From: "William Maddox" <>

> Years ago, I owned a data cassette drive made by a
> company called National Multiplex, presumably long
> defunct. It was obviously a modified audio cassette
> recorder, but in which the internal electronics had
> been completely replaced. Unlike the prevailing
> standard for cassette-based data storage on micros
> in that day, this drive used saturation recording
> (NRZI, I believe) instead of a modulated audio
> carrier.

I wonder if it is functionally comparable to some Philips cassette drives I
have. I've been looking for info on the drives, but as yet to no avail. The
onlythings I can remember, is that they used serial I/O, with 6V logic.
There are two versions; one where the cassette is pushed in, much like a
3.5" floppy, and one where the cassette is mounted just like the old
Exabytes 8200's.
I have two or three drives, but all rubber bands have dissolved.


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