trade my Amiga 1080 for your Amiga 1080

From: Adam Goldman <>
Date: Tue Aug 24 18:09:10 2004

I have a Commodore 1080 monitor (Amiga branded, non-stereo version) and the
original cardboard box. The box and monitor have matching serial number
stickers. I've saved the box for a while for completeness's sake, but now
I want to get rid of it. Maybe someone has a loose 1080 they want to trade
for a "1080 with original packaging"?

The monitor was working the last time I tried it, and I will test it again
if anyone is interested. The front panel hinge is intact. The box is a little
scuffed/torn but not ripped to shreds. There is a noticeable tear along one
side. I do not have any documentation, cables, styrofoam, bags, etc.

In trade I will accept a working Commodore/Amiga 1080/1084/1902/S/whatever.

I am in the Los Angeles area and am willing to deliver/pick up within a
reasonable radius. I'm willing to ship, but I'll be slow and you'll have to
pay shipping.

OK, so it's a long shot, but is anyone interested?

-- Adam
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