Cleaning up yellowed/grubby plastic?

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Wed Aug 25 05:29:58 2004

On Wed, 2004-08-25 at 00:11, Roger Merchberger wrote:

> Global presence
> Increasingly the name Cif is replacing regional names like Jif, providing a
> platform from which Cif can become a truly global brand. Cif is now sold in
> 45 countries, with Asia the fastest-growing region and India its biggest
> market.

Grr! I hate crap like that. I don't give a toss if it's a global brand
or not; if people are used to a local name then leave well alone!

What they presumably mean is "we're now able to make our product in some
3rd World sweatshop and ship it *anywhere*"

Same happened with Marathon and Opal Fruits :-(

> As I understand it, "peanut butter" is solely a North-American delicacy...

Well we get it over here, but it's bloody disgusting (or at least I
don't like the stuff :-)


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