Drive alignment

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Wed Aug 25 12:51:04 2004

>From: "Terry Yager" <>
>What I've seen (numerous times) with those double-sided 8" drives is when the
drives are shipped/moved without the proper head protecting cardboard inserts,
the heads themselves tend to slam against each other every time the truck hits a
bump. This causes the heads, which are made of glass, to chip, crack and break.
 In the most extreme cases, the broken head will actually cut a groove in the
media. Look for holes or grooves in your floppies.
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 The other thing is, if this is a single sided disk, the pressure
pad may have accumulation on it such that it causes the media
to not set flat against the head. A little cleaning with a nail
file work well on these pads. It removes deposits and flattens
the surface. Just don't file it down to nothing.
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