dos electronics software?

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Wed Aug 25 14:17:34 2004

Rumor has it that David V. Corbin may have mentioned these words:
> >>> > The free software from Atmel & Lattice are geared around
> >>> the newer FPGAs that you could build a 6809 out of....
>Has anyone actually done this? The reason I ask is I developed a bunh of
>code around the 6809 architecture. Some of it would be worth resurrecting IF
>I code get a "micro-codable" implementation with some other features...Just
>an idea...or maybe the dementia is surfacing....

Yes... Off the top of my head:

They made an FPGA-based 40Mhz 6809... (they say it'll do 10Mips!)

Otay, memory served, but here's a page directly to the info:

[[ I have *no* idea on cost -- just stumbled across it during a google
search a couple of years ago. ]]

Also, if you're looking for something "more updated" there's always the
Hitachi 63C09 - it's 4 Mhz, and has more registers, a 16-bit integer
multiply (with a 32-bit result) and clock for clock is faster than the 6809.

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