What fun from a Macintosh SE

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> > Haha, reminds me to tell about a headless screw... has no slot,
> > just blank head where slot or hole for the typical screwdriver's tip
> > to fit in. Tony told me to bite on it with pair of pliers and turn.
> > They does unscrew. (!!)

> I wonder if they were shear-head scews. They had a head once (probably a
> male hexagon to be gripped with a normal spanner), but it was designed to
> shear off when the screw was fully tightened. They're used for things
> like car ignition switches (so a car thief can't easily remove the lock
> from the steering column).

Completely smooth and roundish like a philips screw without the "+"
like manufacturing missed a hit to put "+" impression into blank
heads. Yes, I saw how nails and bolts, screws were made on canadian
shows called "How it is made".

Yes, I have a screw of that break away type with carb rebuild kit
for (my first car) caravan plymouth 1987 2.2L 4 cyl with carb.
Fixing caravan up in "major" ways, again a first for me but I
have done bit of auto work on other friends'. Yes, that is last year
for carb! Later half of 1987 saw moving up to 2.5L with single
injection in throttle body (TBI) and multi-injected V6 3.0L. Not
using that break away screw, don't want more problems trying to get
it off again later. Reason: the carb has broken choke heater and
needs a rebuild and bit of repair that former owner screwed up.

Question: how much side play in throttle shafts is considered
acceptable and when should be rebushed?

Back to screw topic:

Once I found a philips screw without rolled thread in a bag of
computer screws that comes with computer case, it is generic but
there is decent quality brands out there like Antec etc for empty
computer cases with power supply.


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