HP 2100 book sought ($BOUNTY$)

From: Philip Freidin <class_at_fliptronics.com>
Date: Sun Aug 29 04:12:34 2004

Hi Jay,

On Mon, 23 Aug 2004 10:37:42 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm looking for an original copy (not pdf or other electronic format) of the
>"HP Pocket Reference Guide to the 2100 Computer". Unlike the title suggests,
>it's hardly pocket-sized. It's about 450 pages, with roughly 5x8 pages.
>I'm willing to pay non-trivial sums of cash, or provide lopsided trades, for
>said book.

I am interested in what you consider "non-trivial sums of cash".
( A lopsided trade would be for a 2100, but then I would need the book)

My copy has contact plastic on its cover, so it is not in original condition,
on the other hand, it still has a cover because of the protective coating.

Size as described, about 1.25" thick. Stamped on the edges of the pages
(all 3 sides) is "EDP Department" and in writing "Copy 22". Also on inside
of front cover. Vintage is 25th July 1974. Otherwise, in pristine condition.
(I probably owe a library fine on this, but since the EDP Department does
not exist any more, I am not too worried)

Will you be scanning it and putting a PDF copy up on bitsavers?

Amazingly, I have also found the following documents of similar vintage:

HP92045 Microprogramming Package Reference manual.
   Loose leaf, 3 hole punched, about 1" thick. This is how to write microcode
   for the 2100 using the Writeable Control Store (WCS) option

A pocket Guide to Interfacing the HP2100 Computer. March 1973
   5 x 7.25 x 5/8" Condition: Like new except for a bit of the blue "ink" on the
   cover (at the intersection of the cover and the spine) has been rubbed off.

A pocket guide to Interfacing HP Computers. September 1969.
  Slightly smaller and same condition as the book above. Seems the
  computer line at the time was 2114A/B, 2115A, and 2116B.

Some what more recent:
The way ahead of its time, and very short lived HP300 Architecture guide.
    Vintage November 1979. 7.5 x 8.5 x .5". Almost new condition

HP Precision Architecture Handbook. July 1987. Almost new condition
   8.5 x 11 x .5"

>Jay West

All the best,
Philip Freidin

Philip Freidin
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