Scortched Earth (was: Re: Sale of "free" stuff on eBay)

From: Wulf daMan <>
Date: Thu Dec 2 01:19:40 2004

On Tue, 30 Nov 2004 13:28:39 -0500, David Woyciesjes
<> wrote:

> Hmmm, that rings a bell. I remember playing a DOS game by that name. Up
> 10 players, each has a tank in a 2-D screen, and you can blow the snot
> out of (or from under) each other. Anybody else play that game?

  Ahhh, the days of blasting away at my classmates during lunch... and
class, for that matter... The game can still be found, in all it's
glory, on the DOS Games Archive, and is shareware. (The Games Archive
is found at ).
  Alternatively, you can get the new version (which I play quite a
bit), Scorched Earth 3D, a more modern take on a great classic. SE3D
can be found at

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