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> Even if he is in Jail for Murder, posting that little tidbit of
> information to the List is totally inappropriate. If that info is
> publicly accessible on a Florida website then there is a problem
> there as well.
> Zane
There is likely another reason that SSN's for convicted felons are
available, and that is to, as they say, "protect the innocent." Lots of
people have names that are common with other people, and these databases
are largely used by employers to do background checks on potential
employees. Providing the SSN greatly reduces the risk of a false
positive that could result if you only ran a search by name - in other
words, if the SSN doesn't match, it isn't the same person. As some may
recall, when Schwarzenegger was campaigning for governor in CA there was
a woman who accused him of groping who was immediately identified by the
Schwarzenegger campaign as having been previously convicted for
prostitution. Turned out that the hooker was a different woman with the
same name. All they needed were a couple of SSNs.

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