Mercury computer???

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Thu Dec 2 20:46:52 2004

  Anybody know anything about these? They look very modern and very high
tech. Most of the units are in grey aluminium boxs about 12" wide, 10" and
a couple of feet long. They have quick disconnect fluid couplings on them.
I opened one of the boxs and they have some regular looking boards in them
and some boards that are encased in thin aluminium boxs. Both the boards
and the enclosed boards have two small fluid quick disconnects on them too.
One of the encased ones was open and the card inside has two Intel i860XR
ICs on them along with a bunch of LSI brand ICs. One of the other boards
has soem HUGE ICs on it. They're almost 2 1/2" square and have Mercury
Computer Systems marked on them. ALL the ICs in these are heavily gold
plated and very expensive looking. I think the part number on the one
large box that I opened was Z1117. All the other boxs had different numbers.

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