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From: Joe R. <>
Date: Thu Dec 2 21:06:23 2004

At 03:05 PM 12/1/04 -0500, you wrote:
>>Yes. The problem with SSNs is that they are publicly accessible in
>>far too many places. And you're asked for them in lots of places --
>>like doctor's offices -- where you get very strange looks when you say
>>NO. And way too many companies use them for ID numbers. And many
>>states put them on driver's licenses.
>>The problem is that all of this is legal -- it shoudn't be.

   It's not legal! Federal law clearly states that Social Security Numbers
can only be required for items directly related to social security
purposes. However that's widely ignored. I was ripped off for several
thousand dollars a couple of years ago by someone that got my credit card
number and now I'm a lot more careful about SSNs, credit card numbers, bank
account info and the like. EVERYTIME that if go into a doctor's office they
want my SSN and to make a photocopy of my driver's license. NOPE! I REFUSE
to give any of that out. They usually try to argue that they're requird by
law to get the information. When I tell them to show me a copy of the law
they start stonewalling. The real reason that they want the information is
that it makes it a lot easier to track you down if you owe them money. It's
incredible to me how many people willing give up their personal information
just because someone in an office asks for it!

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