Mercury computer???

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Thu Dec 2 22:38:36 2004

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>> From: "Joe R." <>
>> Anybody know anything about these?
>The Mercury that I know does high end, custom floating-point
>They are still in business at

  I found their site but can't find anything that looks like these. This
picture <> looks
similar to the cards that I found but these cards have all gold ICs (and
HUGE ICS!) and no plastic ones. These cards also don't have VME connectors.
They have a very high density connectors with 6 pins across and 26 pins in
line and THREE such connectors on the card edge (that's 468 contacts!) The
pin rows are slightly V shaped so the connectors looks like chevrons. I
also can't find anything bout i860XR CPU on that site but if you do a
Google search for "Mercury computer i860XR" you'll find plenty of news
announcements about them using those CPUs.


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