NCR Tower PSU again

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Fri Dec 3 05:49:48 2004

On Fri, 2004-12-03 at 00:27 +0000, Tony Duell wrote:
> > > Argh!. You want to find the idiot who built that system and connect his
> > > private parts to selected points on the mains side of that PSU :-)
> >
> > Yahuh. I'm going to tie a label to that cable to remind me to connect it
> > backwards the next time the machine's in bits - grr!
> Personally I'd reverse the connector and do the job properly. I don't
> like keeping bodges...

I can't decide on that one - if it was a previous owner bodge I'd fix
it, but as it's a factory bodge it makes it somewhat quaint :) If I
ever come across another identical machine I'll have to see if that's
the same - maybe it was an error in assembly instructions rather than
some worker having an off day...

> > > I would therefor try a respecable load on the 5V line and see what happens!
> >
> > Turns out my series light bulb was screwing it up when under a slight
> You didn't tell me the bulb was still in-circuit!

well you know now :-P

I'll dig out the console lead for it later and see if it's all healthy -
looking good so far though.


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