RT-11 installation

From: Stan Barr <stanb_at_dial.pipex.com>
Date: Fri Dec 3 03:00:37 2004


Jerome H. Fine said:
> >David Betz wrote:
> > Well, I'm seriously considering divesting myself of actual PDP-11
> > hardware in favor of just running RT-11 on simh. After all, I'm really
> > a software guy. It *is* fun playing with the old hardware though and
> > it's nice to actually handle the Q-Bus cards. I enjoyed hearing the
> > clacking of the RX02 drives as I ran the DECUS C compiler and
> > assembler. On the other hand, it would be nice to get back some floor
> > and closet space. I wonder if anyone would like to trade an 11/23 and
> > RX02 for one of the smaller pedestal units?
> Jerome Fine replies:
> You might also want to try the hobby version of E11 at:
> http://www.dbit.com/pub/e11/
> I run under Windows 98 SE since I REQUIRE the VT100
> emulation which supports 132 character text lines
> under KED. Your hardware must also have ATI based
> video support - or at least that is what it seems
> to be for me. I use a 750 MHz Pentium III with
> an AGP card which is ATI based. It runs RT-11
> about 15 times as fast as a DEC PDP-11/93.

E11 runs just fine under MSDOS, I use an old 486 DX4/100, no
display, no keyboard - just a terminal. And you can add the
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